Learn about the future of digital enterprise

Discover the future of digital government and get hands-on experience with Low-Code tools and solutions. 

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LowCodeCon 2022 November 1, 2, 3


After the success of our inaugural 2021 edition, it’s time to register for this year’s edition — or even be a speaker! 

At a time when everything seems to be changing, one thing remains constant: the benefits of Low Code and No Code. 

You can skip cumbersome bid processes and make the changes you need right now, all the while empowering the citizen developers in your office who understand the business challenges and know what works best!

By attending, you’ll learn more about the promise of Low Code applications. Our focus will again be on three exciting areas of Low Code: digital government transformation, enterprise solutions, and hands-on workshops and tutorials.

Call for Speakers

LowCodeCon had a great field of speakers in 2021, and we’re looking forward to an equally stellar range of presentations in 2022!

We’re particularly interested in learning about the latest Low Code and open source solutions and hearing real-life examples of how Low Code solutions have transformed your business processes. If you can offer a hands-on demo, that’s great too!

If you want to share your story please fill out the form at the link below. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

Benefits of Attending

What's in it for me?

Transform Your Digital Business
Online meeting

Th changing habits of citizens around the world has accelerated the need for rapid application development, and BPA, RPA processes. Organizations have embraced 'citizen developers' to cope with this change and Low-Code/No-Code development has become a critical part of the digital transformation toolset. 

Move Smarter & Faster

Legislation and advances in low-code platforms have increased adoption of cloud technologies in government and private industries. Low-Code and AI tools are simplifying the software development process, allowing organizations to move faster and smarter. 

Build Community Connections
Shake hands

Engage with industry experts and thought leaders through hands-on workshops and tutorials. This event is a must-attend to learn more about how your organization can benefit from Low-Code and No-Code technologies. 

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2022 Conference Tracks

  • Digital Government

    Low Code solutions are are great for governments looking to provide digital services to their citizens. 

    At LowCodeCon 2021, former UK minister Lord Francis Maude delivered a compelling keynote address explaining how simplified bidding and programming processes greatly shortened timelines, sliced through red tape, bridged information silos, and provided quick turnaround as legislation and situations changed rapidly.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Low Code gives the power of programming to the end-users and the front line so that with a bit of training a business can quickly adapt its software to meet ever-changing conditions. 

    Last year, Camunda CEO Jakob Freund talked about achieving digital transformation through automating processes. TIBCO’s Global CTO, Nelson Petracek, talked about abstraction layers and “connected intelligence.”

  • Workshops & Tutorials

    Low Code solutions are designed to empower you, so let’s see it in action! 

    LowCodeCon 2022 will offer hands-on workshops and tutorials to help get you up to speed on the latest Low Code platform and applications.

    Last year’s demonstrations included talks by Vinod Uppinipurath of formsflow.ai and a case study featuring Karim Gillani, Digital Services Architect at Service BC. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Citizen Developers 
  • Professional App Developers 
  • IT Managers and Departments
  • Government Leaders
  • Business Executives
  • Those looking to learn more about Low-Code